July 08, 2005

Clarke admits ID cards 'wouldn't stop attacks'

Charles Clarke admits that ID cards 'wouldn't stop attacks', but he is going to force them on us anyway. Ignoring the large number of extra police that could be employed with that money, and would make a difference to stopping terrorism, he just doesn't get it.

Al Qaeda fears our way of life and all it's freedoms. They fear how attractive it is to people living under the heel of Sharia. This is what it wants to destroy, the beacon of enlightenment so attractive to the people forced to live medieval life that Al Qaeda somehow considers to be the only properly Islamic way of living. They want us to give up our freedom and snuff out the light showing that a better life is possible.

If we give up our freedoms they win. If we do not, if we pick ourselves up and continue as before, we win. Which side are you on Mr Clarke?


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